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Professional Magical Entertainment To Fit Your Event: From Comedy to Elegant Dove Magic and Stage Illusions


Bob Sanders - Professional Magician

Shows Are Loaded with Audience Participation, Surprises, Laughs, and Color


An Unforgetable Entertainment Experience For the Whole Family

Commitment to You:    First, last, and always, Bob is an entertainer. Magic is his vehicle and it is very unique, ageless, attention holding, adaptable, and memorable for the audience and you. Due to his many years of experience and unusual education, he brings a level of professionalism, expertise, and polish to the event that helps to provide "borrowed image" not available with most entertainment forms for the client. The client certainly stands to do much more than just "fill the time". You will create an experience, an image, and a memory that your guests will not quickly forget. And that opens doors like magic.

Did You Know?    Often it is possible to work a sponsor's product, name, or an event theme right into the actual magic show, and with little or no added charge! Surprise yourself and just ask what can be done.


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